Victoria Lott

My name is Victoria Lott and I’m a veterinary assistant. My favorite patients are cats whether they’re sweet, spicy or scared. I love all animals! I’m currently working towards my veterinary technician license. I have a daughter who loves animals as much as I do, and teaching her how to properly care for a fur…

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Curyn Wilson

My name is Curyn Wilson, most of everyone calls me Cici or Curry. I am a receptionist at KMVS. I have a plethora of pets at home including my turtle Chili, a talking parakeet named Nana and four sweet dogs Kody, Precious, Brooklyn, and Misty-Girl. I love nature walks, animals, everything colorful, and food! I…

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Emma Richard

My name is Emma Richard and I work as a kennel assistant. Games, music, and reading are things I like to do. Also, I like to hang out with my three pets: Oliver, a ball python, Pancake, a bearded dragon, and Lady, a dog. I enjoy my job at KMVS for a variety of reasons….

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Natalie Ramos

Natalie Ramos, DVM

My name is Natalie Ramos. I’m originally from Puerto Rico but have been living in Georgia for the past 3 years. I speak both Spanish and English fluently. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Puerto Rico, attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in the island of St….

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Zack McDonald, DVM

I first started at Kennesaw Mountain Veterinary Service in June of 2023. This will be my first position after finishing veterinary school but, it is not the first veterinary clinic that I have been a part of. My veterinary career spans over about ten years and I have worked in several different types of hospitals,…

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Lauren Friend

My name is Lauren Friend and I’ve been with KMVS since high school. I’ve always had a passion for animals, and working at a veterinary hospital as a receptionist has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I love my colleagues and the patients that walk through our doors every day….

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Ella Snyder

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Emily Brackett

My name is Emily Brackett, and I work as a rehabilitation assistant in addition to a kennel assistant. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family or solving puzzles in my spare time. I like using my K9 training background to train my Belgian Malinois Jedi. My decision to work at KMVS was influenced…

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Heaven Richardson- Sotis

My name is Heaven Richardson-Sotis. I like to spend time with friends and family and in the garden. Along with my pets, I also like to spend time with Mini and Mushi, a frog, leopard geckos, Dean, Houdini, and Dobby, all of whom are cats. I’ve always loved animals, and now that I work here,…

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Samantha Valentine

My name is Samantha Valentine, and I am a veterinary assistant. I am currently enrolled in a technician certification program working toward licensure. I love being outside and working out. Going on hikes with my dog Coot is my favorite. I love my coworkers and being able to learn new things. I chose to work…

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