Eye Injuries in Pets

Eye injuries are fairly common among pets, especially if your pet spends a great deal of time outdoors. It’s important to routinely check your pet’s eyes to make sure there aren’t any recent injuries and if you do notice a problem, contact our veterinarian in Kennesaw, Georgia. If your pet has a foreign object in his eye, such as a blade of grass or dirt, call your vet before attempting to remove the object. Your vet will be able to advise you on whether you should attempt to remove the object and if so, the safest method to use. To help you stay updated on types of injuries and treatments, here is some brief information about eye injuries in pets.

Causes of Eye Injuries

Animals that tend to fight a lot are also at risk of an eye injury. Grass and sticks are the most common causes of eye injuries to pets while playing outside. Pets with a pushed in face or bulging eyes, such Persian cats or pug dogs also have a greater risk of an eye injury. A blow to the head can also injure the eyes. A serious blow, such as being hit by a car, may cause the retina to detach, which requires immediate treatment from your veterinarian.

Types of Eye Injuries

An irritation to the eye, such as dirt, dust, and debris may cause redness, which may be from congested blood vessels in the surrounding tissue and/or the eyelids. Irritations to the eye may lead to bacterial infections, which will cause the eyes to produce an excess amount of mucus. Scratches on or around the eye can be painful, which will cause your pet to paw at his eyes and squint. If a scratch isn’t treated, it may develop into an ulcer. A superficial ulcer on the cornea will often heal rather quickly. However, a deep ulcer, or one that has become infected, can have a permanent effect on your pet’s vision.

The type of treatment recommended by a veterinarian depends on the type and the severity injury. In many situations, antibiotic eye drops are prescribed to help heal an infection. A deep scratch to the cornea may require covering until the injury heals. Regardless of how minor an injury may appear, it’s best to take your pet to the vet for an exam as soon as possible.

Pet Eye Injury Care in Kennesaw, GA

If you suspect your pet has an eye injury, contact Kennesaw Mountain Veterinary Services in Kennesaw, GA, to speak with our veterinarian. To schedule a wellness exam for your senior pet, call us at (770) 447-3927.

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